World-Class Game Porting

To date, we have ported over 65 titles to 5 different mobile and embedded platforms. Not only can our game adaptation team customize titles to be optimized for different architectures, displays, and aspect ratios for new platforms, but also can add entirely new input paradigms such as gyro controllers for TVs, hand gestures,etc.

Performance Optimizations

Darkwind Media has proven experience when it comes to making games and applications run, and run well on limited hardware and embedded platforms. Our extensive knowledge of 3D graphics engines and different CPU/GPU architectures has allowed us to achieve performance gains previously unthought-of. With this knowledge, we have been able to transform games with marginal native-platform performance into visually-stimulating, efficient, high-FPS applications for several embedded systems and limited platforms.

Input Paradigms

Here at Darkwind Media, our game porting has provided us with the opportunity to enhance our capabilities and implement many different input paradigms. Our input methods have varied from traditional keyboard/mouse and controller schemes to more modern gyro, accelerometer, touch, and motion-control schemes. We strive to not only use trending, cutting-edge input mechanisms, but to ensure it complements not only the gameplay, but also the overall design and feel of the game.

Commercial Game Development

Also known as First-Party or Second-Party Game Development, the idea is simple: We work directly with you, making games that differentiate your platform from competitors. We love to make games that highlight new and innovative technology, and have lots of experience doing so with some of the newest "smart" technologies available today.

Native Game Engine Porting and Development

Darkwind Media engineers have extensive experience porting a number of game engines to numerous emerging embedded platforms such as phones, TV's, and set-top boxes.  We are well versed in working with alpha and beta hardware as well as quickly becoming familiar with and leverage the source code that makes these engines so impressive.


We have been porting, extending and supporting the Unity game engine for a number of platforms, many of which now have published games available for sale. These platforms include the Nokia N9 (MeeGo-based), the new LG SmartTV, Roku, and the Blackberry PlayBook.


Two Darkwind developers are members of Ogre's core development team. They have been responsible for the iOS development and maintenance, the initial Android port, OSX development and maintenance, as well as a number of other cross-platform core engine features.

We have experience using Ogre for commercial development and have worked on several projects that use Ogre as their rendering engine. We can bring our extensive and unique experience with Ogre to help develop next generation technology using a solid and proven open-source system.

Custom Engines

We have experience building and deploying custom engines. We developed a game engine called Luster built around the Ogre rendering engine. We used this engine to develop the first PC and Mac supported version of the game that became Kona's Crate. In parallel, we also worked to create a 3D medical imaging system that was able to display fully interactive 3D models constructed from real CT and MRI scans.