Kona’s Crate

Kona’s Crate has players delivering mysterious wooden crates to Chief Kona by controlling a jet-powered delivery platform. Expertly navigate through Chief Kona’s twisted hallways – dodging floating blocks, steam geysers, and even TNT, all to get Chief Kona his goods. Squeeze through tight spaces and turn sharp corners at blinding speeds using your reflexes in order to achieve time-based and skill-based awards. Kona’s Crate will challenge players with its increasingly devilish design and difficulty. Once you’ve tried Kona’s Crate, you’ll never look at delivery the same way again.


Darkwind Media designed and developed Kona’s Crate as an original IP. The team oversaw the complete design, development and production of the game. It was based on a mechanic they had designed earlier for an Xbox Live title called Blocks: The Devilish Delivery Game.

Kona’s Crate was published under IndiePub Games in 2011, when IndiePub found the developers through an indie game development competition.

Kona’s Crate received stellar reviews on all platforms and was launched on iOS, Android devices, Blackberry Playbook, PC and Mac. It was featured as a free game of the day through the Amazon App store and hit the top lists on all of the platforms it was distributed through. It was featured as OpenFeint’s Game of The Week and was showcased on several podcasts and at several events, including by a panel at PAX East.


…the simple, repetitive gameplay and fun levels are so addictive that I can’t stop playing.

– Anthony Gallegos, IGN, 8/10


We don’t know who exactly Chief Kona is, what’s in his crate, or why he picked such a convoluted means of having it delivered. We do know, however, that it’s a lot of fun to move his parcel from Point A to Point B, which is exactly what you do in Kona’s Crate.

– Devin Wilson, Slide to Play